What can I expect my child to achieve at Clever Caterpillars?


• Development of phonemic awareness
• Concepts of print
• Identification of letters from A – Z
• Formation of some lowercase and capital letters
• Trace & recognise own name
• Participate in story time (predict, comprehend, retell)
• Fine motor skill development
• Correct pencil grip

Transition to school

• Maintaining focus and concentration during floor time
• Following a basic classroom routine/structure
• Transitioning between learning tasks/activities
• Happily and confidently communicating with peers and teachers
• Following simple directions/instructions
• Packing up after activities
• Taking responsibility for own belongings
• Risk taking in relation to their own learning
• Being respectful towards peers and their learning
• Engaging in positive praise and feedback with peers
• Develop confidence in oral language and communication
• Use of scissors with safety & control
• Appropriate use of glue sticks
• Sharing & turn taking


• Exposure to basic mathematical concepts
• Counting forwards & backwards from 0 – 10
• Recognise & sequence numbers from 0 – 10
• One-to-one correspondence
• Recognition of colours, shapes & simple patterns
• Development of language relating to informal measurement

Programme Structure

Run by qualified teachers in small groups (6-8 kids per group) to strike the right balance between interactive learning and individual attention.


3 Year Group:

Weekly 1 hr. session, covering -

  • Introduction of a new alphabet every week focussing listening and speaking
  • Alphabet related art and craft activities
  • Mat Time (Milo Games and Music),
  • Storytelling with a character to promote reading.


4 Year Group:

Weekly 1.5 hr. session, covering –

  • Relevant extracts/techniques from 3 year curriculum
  • Phonemic Awareness and alphabet knowledge
  • Decodable ‘Little Learner’ books (on borrowing basis) to practise at home
  • Spellings and Handwriting
  • Numeracy focussing on identification of numbers and writing.