About Us

Clever Caterpillars is a unique learning environment for children ages 3- 5 years. At Clever Caterpillars we focus on phonemic awareness and basic mathematical concepts through a fun, multi-sensory approach. Our goal is to create happy, smart and confident children who have a love of learning. The programme complements learning at conventional Kinder and provides a head start to children starting school. ‘School readiness’ is determined by much more than simply a child’s chronological age. In order to make a successful and happy start to school, children also need to have a firm grasp on language, social and emotional skills as well as fine motor skills. We are extremely passionate about providing a means for children to explore and develop these necessary skills through a wide range of fun, playful and engaging experiences.

How do we do it!

The programme aims to make literacy as easy and interesting for kids as never before! Our Clever Caterpillars (Clev-Cats) curriculum is based on the renowned ‘Little Learners Love Literacy’ programme (originally designed by Maureen Pollard). Our qualified teachers by virtue of their training and experience across music, art and craft, and games engage children in a fun based environment to teach them the essentials of literacy.
Children gain phonic awareness and alphabet knowledge to develop reading, spelling and writing skills. Additionally, kids achieve a marked improvement in their oral communication and motor skills, pencil holding grip, vocabulary, group based learning routine, and sharing.
The programme also instills a natural interest in kids to practise at home while using the reading material provided by us.
For more information on Little Learners Love Literacy, please visit their website at littlelearnersloveliteracy.com.au/